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Anti-Fog Cleaning Cloth

Anti-Fog Cleaning Cloth

-Can reuse Anti-Fog Microfiber Cleaning Cloth 300 times without cleaning. It will keep your bathroom mirrors, car rearview mirror, eyeglasses, sunglasses, camera lens, any goggles and endless other surface types fog-free for approximately 8-12 hours. Free of fingerprints, dust, oil, fog and smudges.

-70% Nylon 30% Polyester: Heaviest and thickest 220 GSM extremely soft high quality microfiber cleaning cloth with a soft sawtooth pattern fused edges gentle enough not to damage delicate surfaces.

-IF THE LENS IS STAINED OR HUMIDIFIED, RINSE THE LENS WITH CLEAN WATER FIRST, THEN DRY IT WITH PAPER TOWELS OR REGULAR EYEGLASSES CLEANING CLOTH BEFORE USING ANTI-FOG CLEANING CLOTH. THIS WOULD MAKE THE WIPING EFFECT BETTER. Please be sure that the Anti-Fog Microfiber Cleaning Cloth can NOT be washed, NON-WASHED, NOT WASHING! After using the cloth, please keep it sealed tightly to assure then it would be effective next time.

-However, If your lens type is HYDROPHOBIC, it may be less effective than other lens.

-Will take approximately 2 weeks from the date you confirmed the order.